Selected wines from around the world

We stock a range of selected wines from every major quality-wine growing region of the world and focus on dependable wineries and wine-cellars. This is something that should not be taken for granted. No other sector in the food industry is as diffuse and prone to manipulation as the wine sector. All too often, famous tipples and labels originate from large wineries who also produce characterless mass products. Expensive wines are not necessarily any better. Small-scale operations or chique tenutas located in southern European hinterlands run by career opt-outers generally lack the technology to produce "state-of-the-art" wines but are still promoted in the net as new discoveries; they then soon disappear from the market due to being overrated. Wine is a sensitive product and demands good oenological management to deliver true character.

Our range undergoes professional oenological testing. The wines comply to EU directives and are regulated and certified. Close and daily interaction with producers enables us – in contrast to conventional buyers and importers – to influence style and production. The aim is to offer quality, stylish wines while maintaining the character of the winemaker and region, and not to pay extra for a nice label or brand name.

The range also includes famous wines from globally known wineries and châteaus as well as their own creations tailored to specific market tastes. We can look back with pleasure to the progress we have made in recent years. Many brand manufacturers and distributors attempt to replicate our trends. For example, our inclined presentation display has been copied many times over (including by the world's largest family-managed winery) because it functions better at POS than the expensive systems offered by product managers from around the world.

Product range highlights

  • Award and medal winning original bottle filling
  • Classified châteaux wines
  • Litre bottles and magnums for the catering trade
  • Bag-in-box for traveller markets and border trade
  • European organic wines
  • Management of direct purchases such as EXW to DDP