Alternatives with healthy profits

Confectionery products are incredibly innovative. Consumers expect regular new offerings for flavours, forms and packaging. At Rexim, we are aware of the regional differences in confectionery consumption. We supply you with assorted liquorice products and selected fruit and wine gums according to seasonal and regional preferences.

Our experience and detailed specialist knowledge aids effective product marketing. Transparent packaging increases sales because the product's own look is superior to an image. Product presentation also plays a vital role in gaining consumer acceptance and means having the right packaging for target groups such as children or adults. We therefore offer confectionery products as flat bags, elegant looking quattro seal bags and tins as well as attractive secondary placement elements.

When confectionery products are naturally free from fat content, we avoid making empty claims such as "fat free" or "low fat".

  • Fruit and wine gums
  • Liquorice (using a range of liquorice and sal ammoniac ingredients)
  • Marshmallow
  • Chewing gum
  • Caramels and toffees