Top quality for pure pleasure

Over the past 30 years, Rexim has established itself as a dependable supplier of the finest cocoa powder. During this period, millions of bags and cartons have been dispatched from our factory. We offer quality powders with 20–22% cocoa butter content. We can also arrange the production of moderately defatted premium powders with 10-12% and 22–24% butter content. The traditional "Holland" methods and recipes are used for roasting and other phases of cocoa production, hence the brand name Rexim Holland Cacao.

Even a nostalgic product such as cocoa can be subject to trends. A tiny difference can trigger a consumer purchase. We swear by dark chocolate brown with conspicuous red reflections!

Raw materials and production methods are selected according to the highest safety standards. Theobromine content is an indication of quality, ripeness and origin. A hundred-fold increase is microbiologically safe (bacteria, moulds and yeast levels according to ISO 7954). All production procedures are monitored and certified according to IFS principles. We have also been organically certified since 2009. Followed by UTZ and Fairtrade certification.

Packaging material is food safe and conform to EU directives and regulations. We provide packaging sizes to match requirements:

  • Folding boxes: 125g and 250g
  • Foil bags: 1000g and 5000g
  • Bulk packs: Available on request