Well staffed!

A look at the team

We take our responsibility to employees very seriously because we know how important each and every one is to the company. It is the employees that make Rexim strong and successful.

You can get to know our employees and the areas they work in here:

Owner & Managing Director

Hans-Werner Petersen

Legal Counsel

Kevin Jonas

Tel.: 0461 580 211
E Mail: jonas(at)rexim-lebensmittel.de

Management Employee Organizational Development

Kirsten Petersen

Tel.: 0461 580 225
E Mail: kpetersen(at)rexim-lebensmittel.de

Assistant to the Managing Director / Human Resources

Susann Büchert

Tel.: 0461 580 232
E Mail: buechert(at)rexim-lebensmittel.de


Quality Management

Danny Grossmann

Tel.: 0461-580 227
E-Mail: qmb(at)rexim-lebensmittel.de


Financial Accounting

Helen Diedrichsen

Tel.: 0461-580 214
E-Mail: diedrichsen(at)rexim-lebensmittel.de


Sales Management & Key Account Manager

Tim Raatz

Tel.: 0461-580 282
E-Mail: raatz(at)rexim-lebensmittel.de

Head of Internal Sales

Yannick Geers

Tel.: 0461-580 221
E-Mail: geers(at)rexim-lebensmittel.de 

Order Processing

Thorben Nicolaisen

Tel.: 0461-580 213
E-Mail: nicolaisen(at)rexim-lebensmittel.de

Sven Marxen

Tel.: 0461-580 245
E-Mail: marxen(at)rexim-lebensmittel.de


Purchasing Manager

Mark Luther

Tel.: 0461-580 218
E-Mail: luther(at)rexim-lebensmittel.de


Jens Fischer

Tel.: 0461-580 223
E-Mail: fischer(at)rexim-lebensmittel.de

Assistant Wine Purchasing

Sven Marxen

Tel.: 0461-580 245
E-Mail: marxen(at)rexim-lebensmittel.de


Export Manager

Jörg Kruse

Tel.: 0461-580 216
E-Mail: kruse(at)rexim-lebensmittel.de

Assistant to the Export Manager

Lukas Uecker

Tel.: 0461-580 233
E-Mail: uecker(at)rexim-lebensmittel.de


Category Management Cacoa / Private Label

Kay Kramp

Tel.: 0461-580 217
E-Mail: kakao(at)rexim-lebensmittel.de


Head of Logistics

Jörg Decker

Tel.: 0461-580 235
E-Mail: logistik(at)rexim-lebensmittel.de