Service and quality

Because only the best counts!

Dependable quality gives ourselves and our customers a feeling of security – both for raw materials and for finished products.

We are certified for food, quality and safety standards in all product and production areas – proof of the conscientious approach we take to our work.

To meet the expectations of our customers, we are committed to aligning Rexim's quality management to the stringent directives of the European Union and the global quality standards for foods. We have been IFS certified since 2006 and have being participating in unannounced IFS food checks since 2014/15.

We therefore have a clear approach to quality:
to guarantee top quality products and services combined with transparent pricing policies to meet the specific needs of customers. At the same time, we aim to contribute to environmental protection by minimising the use of packaging and energy.

To achieve these goals, we have developed a dynamic concept for internal quality control and process optimisation. Today we already operate at the highest level of quality product safety due to technical modernisation and an ongoing process of improving production.

The "Higher Level IFS Certificate" permits Rexim to package cocoa, nuts, confectionery, grains, seeds, pulses and dried fruits as well as specific contract packaging. We also import, trade and market wines and spirits.

Our product range undergoes continuous expansion, and we have been including organic products since 2009. Therefore we got the Certification according to EU regulation 2018/848 (on organic production and labelling of organic products ).

Sustainability is also important to us! We are rainforest alliance certified and are able to process and trade sustainably produced goods.

Rexim thus represents high quality and food safety from raw materials through to finished and packaged products.